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Diabetes Education Clinic


Provide Diabetes Education to patients in the Cold Lake Area with the aim to assist patients to:

• Improve disease understanding
• Improve glycemic control
• Improve patient quality of life
• Delay complications & morbidity

Visit Descriptions

Visit One

•  Review of previously ordered lab work & if applicable blood glucose log book.
• Patient assessment record completed
• Diabetes control questions administered
• Medication evaluation and symptom assessment
• Quality of Life (SF-12) questionnaire implemented/PHQ9
What is Diabetes?
Blood glucose targets
Medication and device review
Nutrition & Exercise review
Questions or concerns
Goal setting
Referral to Living Well Self-Management Program
• Referral to specialty service if required
• Lab work ordered as deemed necessary
• Summary note/checklist to physicians

Visit Two (within 4 - 12 weeks of initial visit)

• Lab work &/or Log book review
• Management review
• Management plan development
• Summary note/checklist to physician
• Client reassessment arranged with minimum review at 3 months (final Quality of Life survey implemented at 6mths)
• Support with insulin initiation